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Upholstery Cleaning Foster City

While upholstery is supposed to increase the aesthetic feel and scheme of a house, it is a bit of a headache as well. Yes! You are right. It is about cleaning it. Upholstery cleaning is not like carpet cleaning. You might want to have an effective stain removal or a deep carpet shampoo to eradicate the toughest of the stains but it is just not as easy as saying. A carpet is a straight surface and vacuuming or ecofriendly cleaning is very easy. However, the upholstery has such corners and recesses which a vacuum cleaner or brushes cannot easily reach.

Why Foster City Upholstery Cleaning?

That is the reason why people contact Foster City Upholstery Cleaning to acquire the services of the best and most seasoned stain removal experts. We are in this business for years and we know what expectations people have from us in respect of their expensive and delicate upholstery. Our professionals have excellent expertise in upholstery cleaning and they employ brilliant ecofriendly cleaning techniques.

We fight for your good health:

You are fully aware of the concept how not only dirt, but dangerous bacteria also find place in the deepest recesses of a carpet’s fibers. However, you would be shocked to know that an unclean and stained upholstery is more dangerous for your health than a dirty carpet or rug. A synthetic fiber sofa or a jute couch is elevated to the level where the bacteria easily penetrate into the body through the nose or breathing. They cause many diseases and allergies as well as breathing problems, thus it is recommended to use ecofriendly upholstery cleaning for the stain removal.

When the upholstery cleaning should be done?

The quality of the air in the house and health of the residents depends on upholstery cleaning so there is no limit as to how many times and how often you should use effective and ecofriendly cleaning services. As a matter of fact, stain removal is not as important as your family’s health, but perpetual upholstery cleaning guarantees effective stain removal as well; continuous moistening and steam cleaning of upholstery, does not let the stains get stubborn. It is easy to eradicate a newer stain than an older and persistent one.

What’s so special about our experts?

The professionals at the Carpet Cleaning Foster City are very well acquainted of all the modern and applied tactics of upholstery cleaning. They believe that furniture is childish in nature and an ecofriendly cleaning is not much different bathing the babies. They apply the chunking approach and divide different portions, nooks and corners. That is how our experienced professionals do the ecofriendly upholstery cleaning. We are in the upholstery cleaning on professional and commercial level; we are fully equipped with the expertise, equipment and stuff for impressive and effective stain removal.

Call us now and get a 15% discount:

Yes, that is right. We are running a promotion nowadays and our valuable upholstery cleaning services are available at discounted rates. However, this offer is for a limited time; call us at (650) 262-1700 and get a discount coupon now!!!


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