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Carpet Cleaning Foster City

Carpets are not what you pay for them, carpets are how you deal with them. No one loves a carpet stained with coffee, chocolate, candies or a chewing gum; people despise the dirt sprouting from their hand-weaved Iranian carpets and yet they feel so helpless because the domestic carpet cleaning tips which were perfectly fine the very first year, turned out to be no good as soon as the carpet entered the second or third year. That is exactly when people come knocking on our door for organic carpet cleaning safe for kids and pets.

Who are we?

We are doing business in Foster City for a long time now and our expertise includes steam carpet cleaning and carpet cleaning with deep carpet shampoo. We have provided excellent carpet cleaning service to many families as well as companies. In the course of our business as a pioneer carpet cleaning company in Foster City, we have made many repeat clients. Our experts know the tips and techniques involved in steam carpet cleaning or using deep carpet shampoo.

The Dry Carpet Cleaning

Our team of professionals and experts in the niche of carpet cleaning, has a curiosity for finding more and more better ways of organic carpet cleaning safe for kids and pets. They love to try new and out of the box solutions of carpet cleaning. One of the major techniques which our experts apply, is dry carpet cleaning. Not only dry carpet cleaning is the best ecofriendly carpet cleaning method but, it removes stains and dirt better than any other method. When we leave your carpet and your home, it is ready to use, and ready to provide you the comfort and warmth which you want. Dry carpet cleaning keeps the carpet dry or slightly damp; we will not leave your house with a job unfinished and a carpet wet like a swamp.

Deep Carpet Shampoo

However, some folks in the Bay area, where we are located, love the job to be done in the old fashion. They are not satisfied until we use deep carpet shampoo to eradicate the toughest particles of the dirt. We believe that professionals do everything differently and that’s why they are differentiated from the wannabes. Our experts apply deep carpet shampoo in a certain proportion to make sure that each and every square feet receives equal attention.


We understand that when you dial a number to acquire the services of a professional carpet cleaning company, all that you have in your mind is to get rid of the dirt and stains with a deep carpet shampoo, but have you ever worried about the horrid odor? Yes, the same stinky smell when tells whatsoever your carpet has been absorbing. Our experts use cutting edge techniques to erase that smell from your carpet.

After years of experience in carpet cleaning industry, we have innovated our own tips of deodorizing a carpet after cleaning it. A mix of baking soda and essential oils with the perfect proportion, can make your carpet cleaner, smoother and newer than ever.

If you are in the Foster City, especially the Bay Area, you would love to acquire our services. Call us at (650) 262-1700 and ask for a carpet cleaning coupon; we have thrilling discounts for individuals and companies!


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