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Rugs are there to welcome your guests before they enter your house. They are there to give comfort to their feet and make them feel the hospitality of the hosts. Rugs are Iranian, rugs are Turkish, they are soft, they are comfy and they are warm. However, after a few months, let alone a year, these rugs get dusty, dirty and stained. They need proper rug cleaning and it is exactly where all of the domestic rug cleaning tips seem to bitterly fail. With the passage of time, dirt finds its place in the base of the fiber and then it is not easy to remove its particles, and that’s why getting professional services for your house is important and the miami cleaning services are the best option for this.

Beating is a mistake:

When we ask most of the people as to how they clean their rugs, over 90% people have the same answer, “Deep carpet shampoo is expensive and time taking; we beat our rugs to get rid of the dirt.” Now, this is a wrong answer. Beating rugs might be time saving and the fastest way to get rid of the dirt, but it is the fastest way of losing a rug’s softness and silky smooth feeling as well. You do not want to lose the softness of your beautiful rug, so an ecofriendly cleaning is the best that you want.

Steam Cleaning:

Our experts opine that steam cleaning is the best and the most efficient ecofriendly cleaning option. They believe that rug cleaning should be preferably done through steam cleaning to make sure that soft fibers of the rugs do not get affected. After all a rug is 70% softness and 30% color. People love more the feeling which they get while walking on a rug, than the color or design of that rug.

Deep Carpet Shampoo

Some of our Bay area clients love to have their rugs cleaned by deep carpet shampoo, as it is considered the best stain removal implement. Our professionals  have expertise in this niche and they make sure to eradicate every stain, doesn’t matter howsoever stubborn it is. Our experts make sure to use deep carpet shampoo in a way that it does not attract more dirt.

What to do after cleaning:

The most important question is not when to hire professional services of rug cleaning, but what to do after your rugs are dry cleaned. Steam cleaning is the best option so far. Make sure to mention that you want to get your rug steam cleaned whenever you call us. Although we do accommodate the demands of people who want deep carpet shampoo cleaning.

  • Make sure that when the cleaning officials leave your home, you wait for the rug to dry and then vacuum it once to clean any particles.
  • Make sure that you properly vacuum the rug; at least every alternate day, if not every day
  • Also make sure that whenever you have to replace your rug with a new one, never fold the old rug, always roll it.

To acquire the best and yet most affordable rug cleaning services in the Bay Area or wherever you live in the Foster City, dial (650) 262-1700 and ask for a rug cleaning coupon; we have exciting concessions for individuals and companies!

Rug Cleaning methods include:

  • Professional steam cleaning
  • Deep shampoo cleaning
  • Dry cleaning
  • Deodorizing
  • Disinfecting
  • Sanitize

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