Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration Foster City

Water damage is a rarity to happen in most of the areas. In the coastal areas of the United States of America, it happens frequently. However, doesn’t matter how rare a water damage is, it is one of its own kind. A water damage doesn’t have to take as much time a termite damage takes, it takes even lesser time than the fire, but it leaves your home in a totally uninhabitable situation. This is exactly when you dial the numbers for any water damage restoration services and ask for ecofriendly services.

What you can do on your own?

Before you dial any number for any water damage restoration service, make sure to take some necessary measures on your own.

  • Electricity supply only makes it worse and it includes a risk to life. Make sure to switch off the main electricity supply.
  • Try to get some household items like a viper and mopping equipment as well as an empty basket, to do some water damage restoration Such steps can lessen the damage done to woodwork in your home and it may save the furniture as well.
  • Try to place plastic sheets beneath the wood furniture legs and other furnishings.
  • Remove all electronic items from the floor or from the reach of water.
  • Remove the china or glass-made crockery from the reach of water.

Categorizing the loss:

Our water damage restoration experts do this right at the moment when they receive a call for ecofriendly cleaning of water damage. They categorize the loss in order to decide which type of measures and equipment is needed.

  • Natural water damage, e.g. flood
  • Water damage from leakage of water supply pipes
  • Sewerage leakage resulting in loss to floor e.g. algae

A reliable water damage restoration 24/7:

Our experts understand the nature and extent of damage, and they prepare according to the challenge. Our 24/7 emergency water damage restoration service ensures that whenever you have such a crisis at home, help is only a phone call away. The first task which our experts undertake is to remove the valuable or perishable items from the reach of water.

Water damage restoration: our expertise:

It is only after it that our experts take precautionary measures about level two and take necessary steps to drain out the water and restore the condition of your floor and furnishings. The drying, cleaning and cleansing steps take longer time. Our experts armed with blowers, wiping and mopping equipment, dehumidifiers and scrubbers, take charge of the most difficult task, and that is to restore the property to the previous condition.

The water damage restoration process includes the deodorizing of carpers, rugs and upholstery as well; even the clean water makes a very horrid odor, coming from the fabric and fibers of your carpets and furniture.

Our ecofriendly water damage restoration leaves no room for imperfection. Our water damage restoration process is undertaken and executed under the monitoring of the experts in this field and thus they make sure to leave no stone unturned in making your property similar to what it was before the damage. Call us now at (650) 262-1700 and get a special discount coupon.


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