Lebanese Marriage Practices

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Traditionally, the Lebanese wedding party is a party of family and friends. It is an awe-inspiring lebanese women function with sophisticated decorations and jaw-dropping cakes. It provides fireworks and belly dancers. It is a time to celebrate the couple’s fresh life together.

The Lebanese wedding begins with a mass service, plus the bride and groom will be adorned with crowns and robes. That they sit on a throne[n]: bench; chair. They are then simply blessed by females from the two families. They also offer high-pitched blessings with deafening sounds.

They are consequently presented with a reward by the groom’s family. This usually comes with a gold necklace or perhaps bracelet. The gift is usually presented in front of all the guests. After they had been presented, the bride and groom sing a melody to celebrate the cheerful occasion.

The traditional wedding dessert is made from barley and wheat or grain. It will always be covered with ornate floral models. It is trim with a ceremonial sword. This is a tradition that dates back to old times. It symbolizes the unity and sweetness within the newly the wife and hubby.


Ahead of the wedding, a pre-wedding party is normally held by groom’s family. The bride’s family is as well invited to the party. It can be scheduled at the bride’s house or perhaps at an expensive location. This get together is similar to the bachelor/bachelorette https://wendyyehmft.com/online-dating-is-fun/ party.

A traditional Lebanese wedding dessert is made of whole wheat and barley. It is usually covered with lavish patterned models to symbolize all the best for the couple.

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