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The way a family deals with their carpets and rugs explains the way it deals with its guests. Have you ever had a chance to visit a home where everything was nice and dandy, but the hosts were not polite and carpets were not clean? If it is so, then you can understand the philosophy of the relationship between a carpet’s cleanliness and your family’s etiquette. At Carpet Cleaning Foster City, we believe that your carpets should give a welcome smile to your guests; that is what exactly we do: ecofriendly carpet cleaning.

A stain is not easy to go:

Carpets and rugs do not only show a family’s etiquette but their taste as well. Whether it is an Iranian masterpiece handing on your lounge’s wall or a Turkish rug, to give warmth and comfort to the feet of your guests entering through the main door, you need them to convey one message: welcome. However, only an ecofriendly carpet cleaning can make this sure. When it comes to carpet or rug cleaning, the biggest of all problems is the stain removal and that is a real headache. By the passage of time, stain becomes a permanent mark and no deep carpet shampoo can easily eradicate it. That is when people come to us.learn more

The crusade against dirt:

Another problem is dirt: the biggest enemy of your carpets and rugs. Doesn’t matter whatsoever “no shoes” dictatorial rules you may enforce at your home, dirt finds its way. It finds its place in the deepest recesses of your carpet’s fibers and never leaves that place. No deep carpet shampoo or rug cleaning is effective against stubborn particles of dirt; this is one of the tricks which cannot be done at home. That is one of the reasons why people prefer commercial carpet cleaning and rug cleaning services.

Tackling the water damage:

Those times are long gone when a property damaged by water was considered to be good for nothing. New technology has made is possible to subdue the effects of water damage. Our company has earned a respect in this niche and water damage restoration is a specialty of Carpet Cleaning Foster City.

Why choose us?

You might want to know why not try your upholstery cleaning or steam carpet cleaning at home with those effective methods taken from the internet and why try commercial rug cleaning. Here is the answer:

  • Our professionals have expertise in the niche of carpet cleaning and they are seasoned experts.
  • We are in the business of professional water damage restoration and rug cleaning for years and we have devised our own techniques in the course of our business.
  • We employ the chaining discipline of performing small tasks to deliver a big task as per the expectations of our clients. At Carpet Cleaning Foster City we believe that each and every step of carpet cleaning demands attention and it should be treated as per the case.
  • We know the punctuality is the key to success; that is the reason why our experts respect your privacy and always reach at the time given by you. We are respected in our niche for accomplishing the job within the deadline and delivering the project as expected.

Try us to believe us. Call (650) 262-1700 and give us a chance to show you the brilliance of our organic carpet cleaning safe for kids and pets.

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